George Conway and Neal Katyal recently wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post advising Nancy Pelosi to only send the second article of impeachment, obstruction of Congress, to the Senate for trial. 

To Never Trump Conway and Obama DOJ Appointee Katyal, splitting the articles is their preferred approach” which makes “perfect sense.”

The two seem delighted by President Trump being forced to undergo two separate trials: “Trump would be forced to undergo two impeachment trials instead of one — but that’s a fair price for him to pay for his attempts to hide evidence from the American people.”

Forget the opportunity cost of impeachment or even the literal cost of impeachment trials

Read the full op-ed here.

There’s a key line in the piece: “The impeachment here is not just about Ukraine.”

War Room: Impeachment has been saying that for months.

It’s about President Trump’s much-needed abandonment of the established way of conducting foreign policy. Instead of ceding power to unelected bureaucrats guided by ‘the false song of globalism’, President Trump puts America first, not the permanent political class. 

Who exactly is behind this new strategy of ‘divide and conquer’?


Establishment figures George Conway, Never Trump activist and founder of the Lincoln Project, an exclusively anti-Trump super PAC, and  Neal Katyal, the Acting Solicitor General of the United States under President Obama.

They recently argued in the New York Times for John Bolton to testify in the Senate trial.

They’re friends of permanent political class member Juleanna Glover, a Never Trump pseudo-‘Republican’ who previously floated using a secret ballot in the Senate trial.

Glover is a huge fan of Katyal, evidenced by an article in the Washington Post:

“Within three minutes of [Neal] Katyal’s announcement that he was writing an impeachment tome, he received an email from Juleanna Glover, a Republican strategist and doyenne of the D.C. social scene, telling him that she would be throwing him a book party, whether he attended or not.

Tap tap tap.

Those of you by the bar in the back please come toward the kitchen,” Glover, the evening’s host, says with a big bright smile. “Everybody come closer. Let’s get a little cozy . . . I’m so glad you’re here, because I think everybody here wants to hear a very effective argument for why we need principled, honest leadership in the White House.”

And George Conway was a co-host for the party:

The feting at Glover’s expansive townhouse listed as co-hosts: George Conway, Hayden, former attorney general Eric H. Holder, NBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Hollywood’s Rob Reiner. Three of those hosts did not attend, but Katyal did, of course.”

They’re part of the network determined to take Trump down by any means possible.

Since Glover’s push for a secret ballot flopped despite the establishment media promotion of the undemocratic idea, Conway and Katyal are taking another shot at weaponizing the Senate trial to remove President Trump. 

Unsurprisingly, they’re enjoying the media’s elevation of their wishes. 

The White House said it best: “New Hoax. Same Swamp.”