On Episode 27 of War Room: Impeachment, Bill McGinley, former White House Cabinet Secretary, analyzes today’s impeachment hearings featuring testimony by George Kent and Bill Taylor. To him, it was a “setback” for Democrats.

McGinley describes: “Democrats had their best shot last night and this morning before the hearings began, and now that it has begun, it’s clear after today, this is a war of attrition. This is going to have to go hearing by hearing, deposition by deposition. This is going to be a scorched earth fight between Democrats and Republicans to try to get to the truth of what happened.”

He believed Democrat’s “case today was based on hearsay evidence” and devoid of due process.

Democrats “were looking for the first hour to be a home run for them. At the end of the day, the Republicans actually raised some very good questions and motions in the very beginning. I think it was difficult for [Democrats] to hit their cadence in the story telling.”

He points to Rep. Jim Jordan’s “effective job with Ambassador Taylor demonstrating that everything he testified to he got from either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th hands. Even [Taylor] had to admit at one point that maybe some of the people who were communicating information to him got it wrong and that maybe what he is putting before the committee may not be the truth as to what happened.”

Another mistake made by Democrats was to have Kent and Taylor testify together: “They thought they would be able to feed off of each other and their testimony. When questions were asked, they probably would have been able to reinforce the narrative that Adam Schiff laid out in the top of the hearing.”

McGinley also suggests to “listen not just to what [Democrats] say but what they omit” because “it’s the omission where the real story is.”