Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has adamantly favored a ‘quick and dirty’ impeachment trial without witnesses over one that would fully exonerate President Trump.

McConnell’s preference for a short trial has been presented as an opportunity for the Senate to carry out its constitutional responsibilities while showcasing that the two Articles of Impeachment are baseless.

Earlier this week, McConnell secured a win for his quick trial strategy when he announced that fifty-three Republican senators will vote to set Senate impeachment rules without consulting Democrats. 

After closely following Senator McConnell’s public statements and messaging from key McConnell advisors, on Episode 105 of War Room: Impeachment Co-Host Raheem Kassam blasted Mitch McConnell for this short trial preference.

According to Kassam, McConnell is pushing for a quick trial because his own personal finances could be exposed in a broader effort to get to the bottom of wealth generation, international influence, and political power.

Kassam exclaimed:

“Why would we expect Mitch McConnell to want a full investigation into foreign dealings when Mitch McConnell is so well-known for doing it himself.”

“They [Senate Leadership] don’t want the skin to start to be pealed back on these things. One of the reasons why they want this to be over and done with is because if I’m Mitch McConnell and I’m seen as using my power to investigate these guys, then what are they [Democrats] going do to me?”


As explained by Peter Schweizer in his New York Times bestselling book, Secret Empires, proxy corruption by some of America’s most powerful members of the United States’ government crosses party lines with Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell leading the charge:

“So while the Obama administration was laying out the challenge posed by China in the global minerals race, the son of the vice president [Hunter Biden] and a confidant of the secretary of state were invested in deals that would help Beijing win that resource race

“In short, this is corruption by proxy. It is essentially a form of ‘political arbitrage,’ where friends and family members of powerful political figures have positioned themselves to serve as conduits or middle men between those seeking influence and those who possess political power.”

“Last month, the House Oversight and Reform Committee started an investigation into whether Secretary Chao has leveraged her government positions to benefit her family…But so far there is no investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden.”

In the spring of 2018, the New York Post reported on Schweizer’s game-changing revelations:

“One source of the windfall [increase of McConnell’s net worth], according to a new book from Peter Schweizer, was a 2008 gift from Chao’s father, James Chao, for somewhere between $5 million and $25 million. But this gift could be seen as more than just a gift. It may have been acquired, according to Schweizer, thanks to the couple’s fealty to China, the source of the Chao family fortune. And that fealty may have occurred at the expense of the nation they had pledged to serve.”

According to Open Secrets, an investigative arm of the Center for Responsive Politics, McConnell’s current net worth is nearly $30 million. The vast majority of his investments are unknown.