On Episode 37 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discuss a key moment in Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman’s public testimony “where he started to go shaky, which was on the chain of command.” 

To Kassam, the excerpt shows “where Vindman first started to get rattled, and you can see going in that he wasn’t very assured of himself.”

Rep. Wenstrup: You understand and appreciate the chain of command. In your deposition you emphasize the importance of chain of command. You were a direct report to Dr. Fiona Hill and then Tim Morrison and they were your seniors, correct?

Colonel Vindman: That is correct.

Rep. Wenstrup: When you had concerns about the 7/25 call between the two presidents you didn’t go to Mr. Morrison about that did you?

Colonel Vindman: I immediately went to John Eisenberg, the lead legal counsel.

Rep. Wenstrup: So that doesn’t seem like chain of command. So in the deposition with Mr. Morrison, page 58-60,

Rep. Schiff: please allow Colonel Vindman to answer

Colonel Vindman: I reported to John Eisenberg. I attempted to report it to Mr. Morrison. He didn’t avail himself, and at that point I was told not to (unintelligible).

Rep. Wenstrup: Well he did avail himself. 

Bannon also adds: “Like Rep. Meadows said, [Vindman’s] body language is a lot different from the testimony.”

Similarly, co-host Jason Miller adds “[Vindman] came across as a mid-management nobody.”