I wish the media would report on the whole story and just not take what they need to beat up on President Trump,” Jason Miller, former Senior Communications Advisor on the 2016 Trump campaign, discussed with his co-host Raheem Kassam on Episode 18 of War Room: Impeachment. 

“[Ambassador Gordon Sondland] has, in a minuscule fashion, revised his testimony…the media is seizing on a very tiny clarification,” Kassam, former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage, adds. 

Kassam explains: “There’s a lot of presumption going on [in Sondland’s testimony/revisions]. There’s also a lot of admission from Ambassador Sondland that he did not know, and still does not know, when, why, or by whom the aid was suspended. So take the media’s stuff with a very, very heavy dose of salt for a start. You would presume, you would hope that their reporting would reflect the vagary in that statement.”

“You would also hope that they would capitalize, in the realest sense of the word, on the fact that Zelenskyy ran, the new President of Ukraine ran on a massive, massive anticorruption ticket. And that’s because since 2013, firstly you had Yanukovych, who was presiding in Ukraine over a massively corrupt government: the most corrupt government in Europe per the Guardian, one of the most corrupt countries in the entire world according to Ernst & Young.”

“You would hope that people would see that the President of the United States may not want to release a further 391 million dollars of hard earned U.S. tax payer money to go where? And for what? And to what end? And what U.S. national interests are actually being secured there?”

“I’m going to start calling them the pro corruption media. Because what they are saying is that the United States should not be concerned about hundreds of millions of U.S. tax payer dollars just disappearing down the black whole whenever those dollars go abroad.”

Jason Miller furthered: “[The media] used part of Ambassador Kurt Volker’s transcript to make it sound like the sky was falling on President Trump. But if you look very specifically on page 36 of his transcript, it says in here, very clearly it was asked: ‘Did President Trump every withhold a meeting with President Zelensky or ever delay a meeting with President Zelensky until the Ukrainians committed to investigating the allegations you described concerning the 2016 presidential election?’ And Volker replied: ‘The answer to the question is no, if you want a yes or no answer. But the reason the answer is no is if we did have a difficulty scheduling a meeting but there was no linkage like that.'”

“He’s saying no, said there is no linkage like that. But the media is selectively taking the paragraphs that they want to try to beat up President Trump when these folks are literally the paragraph before or the paragraph after making it very clear: there was no linkage, there was no quid pro quo, that President Trump is genuinely concerned about corruption in Ukraine, a place where we’re sending millions and millions of dollars.”