On Episode 35 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam are joined by Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots to discuss impeachment polling.

Kassam began: “The ABC/Ipsos poll that was released a couple of hours ago today has some stark numbers as far as the impeachment process for President Trump is concerned…

“The top line is: ‘When it comes to recent impeachment hearings, which one of the following statements comes closest to your point of view?’ The first option is: ‘President Trump’s actions were wrong and he should be impeached by the House and removed from office by the Senate.’ The number that responded in the affirmative to that was a massive 51 per cent.”

After discussing the results of the poll, the three got into methodology. Bannon began: “We’re going to get into the cross tabs here momentarily-”

“Ah, that’s the funny thing,” Kassam interjected. “There are no cross tabs. They have not released any cross tabs… If you’re not releasing cross tabs, either it’s not polling upon which the methodology is sound… If they can only get 506 [participants]… what demographics are they getting, where are they getting these people from, are they answering telephone or online – that makes a massive difference – and are they asking leading questions?”