I call this [House Republican memo] progress,” Raheem Kassam, former Senior Advisor to Nigel Farage told Congressman Mark Meadows, Stephen K. Bannon, and Jason Miller on Episode 24 of War Room: Impeachment.

Kassam was referring to the 18-page document some House Republicans released, which he both praised and critiqued.

“We’ve been talking now for over three weeks on this show on why are we not getting briefing documents coming out of the Republican side. We have the briefing document coming out of the Republican side.”

Kassam contrasted the document to that of Nancy Pelosi’s memo released three weeks prior: “It was incredibly well formatted, it was built for journalists, it was built for public consumption. This [Republican memo] is almost the opposite of that.”

“This needs to be broken down into four or five different documents… You need to weaponize it.”