“This is when the nation stops to focus: when this is wall to wall [coverage] on TV,” host Stephen K. Bannon said, discussing the impeachment hearings going public with Raheem Kassam on Episode 21 of War Room: Impeachment.

“It’s not talking heads; it’s not congressmen coming out and giving you a little bit of the thing; it’s not Raheem [Kassam] giving you a summary of what the testimony is. This is going to be live on national TV,” Bannon furthered.

Kassam responded: “You [Bannon] mentioned in the first half of the show why William Taylor is going to be the first one up – this is a reality TV show in a lot of ways. And you put the most interesting thing at the top because you know there’s going to be an audience drop off. This is the only thing the Democrats want people to see. They want people to see Bill Taylor, they’ll probably want people to see Alexander Vindman…they don’t want people to see Tim Morrison.”

“They want the people to see the Ambassador,” Bannon said, referring to former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovich. “She’s going to talk about ‘I’m intimidated, I’m afraid.’ She’s going to sit there and say this is the whole thing of ‘orange man bad.'”

“This is the play to – which I think is the untold story in the Tuesday elections, particularly in places like eastern Kentucky – what is going on with the female vote. Particularly what’s going on with the working class female vote.”