Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio has sparked a Judiciary Committee debate over his proposed amendment to drop Article I of the impeachment articles, the abuse of power charge.

Jordan argues: “Article I ignores the truth.”

The Congressman contends there have been four unchanging facts since the call transcript’s release on September 25th: the transcript shows no quid pro quo, both parties on the call (President Trump and President Zelensky) say there was no pressure, Ukraine was unaware at the time of the call that aid was being withheld, and Ukraine took no action to begin an investigation into Biden and his related corruption in the Ukraine nor did they promise to begin one.

He added: “the day the transcript came out, even Chairman Nadler said there was no quid pro quo in the call transcript.”

Jordan notes that five meetings with President Zelensky since the call in July have also never changed. In none of the meetings was “linking security assistance dollars to an investigation” discussed.