On Episode 25 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller discussed updates on the 18-page memo put out by House Republicans.

Specifically Bannon asked, “is it getting any traction or buzz?”

“No,” Miller replied. “because 18 pages is way too long. People don’t have time to consume that information.”

There’s a lot of real work that has to be done here,” Miller said, referring to the transcripts and other documents that should be read, “A lot of [House] members are too lazy to do this… Giving them 18 more pages guarantees they’ll read zero pages.”

Kassam brings up the use – or lack there of – of the memo in the media: “Journalists are not going to consume all of that. They’re certainly not going to go do background….or pull out nuggets.” The latter being something he advocated the House Republicans themselves do, breaking the 18-page memo down and releasing it as multiple smaller headlines.

Kassam does give the House some praise on the issue: “The document is not a bad thing at all… More than [many House] Republicans have done on entire issue [of impeachment].”