Stephen K. Bannon, Jason Miller, and Raheem Kassam were joined by veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen for the eighth episode of the War Room: Impeachment podcast.

Bannon, Miller, and Kassam agreed that the push back, or “elevator pitch” that needs to be used by the White House and Congressional Republicans comes down to three things: precedent, policy, and process.

PRECEDENT: The Democrats’ impeachment push is unconstitutional.

Constitutional law scholars say Capitol Hill Democrats’ efforts are completely unconstitutional since they haven’t taken a full House vote to begin proceedings. In fact, these scholars argue there shouldn’t be any subpoenas or any hearings until this vote is held.

POLICY: The impeachment fight is about President Trump’s America First foreign policy.

It’s a policy dispute being driven by unelected, career bureaucrats, combined with politically motivated Capitol Hill Democrats seeking to undermine President Trump’s foreign policy.

PROCESS: The facts are our friends here.

All witness testimony thus far shows President Trump did nothing wrong, and he certainly didn’t do what he’s being accused of doing, as the Ukraine aid wasn’t withheld. You wouldn’t get this from the selective media leaks carried on by Speaker Pelosi, and this is why everything should be open and transparent so the American people can hear the truth.

Scott Rasmussen told the hosts that “[polling is telling] us… a lot of people who are supporters of President Trump don’t want to believe [that impeachment is relatively popular]. You put out a number saying 50 per cent of voters want to see Trump impeached and removed from office and the first thing I hear is ‘oh, it’s fake news’.”

“Supporters of President Trump just don’t believe it’s happening,” Rasmussen said.

He also said, “We are going to see most likely record setting turnout” at the next election, providing a boon to President Trump.

“Republicans are uniting against impeachment… you start talking about swing states… Michigan and Pennsylvania are not Republican leaning states by any stretch of the imagination, but they certainly aren’t California.”