On the War Room: Impeachment Thanksgiving Special, Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discuss the responses Democrats’ received from their constituents upon returning to their home districts.

“On Tuesday,” Kassam said, “CNN aired this segment in the morning where they went to Pennsylvania, and talked to voters, and tried to ascertain what a lot of people were thinking. And a lot of messages were coming through like: ‘Well, I might not like President Trump, but it doesn’t seem right what they’re doing. And I’d prefer my Congressmen and Senators actually focus on the job that I elected them to do.’ That’s something that’s being picked up all over the place.”

“Greg [Manz], you mentioned earlier on what happened outside the office of Conor Lamb, tell us what’s been happening in Minnesota.”

Manz explained: “In Minnesota’s 2nd District, a town hall was held there for Democrat Angie Craig. A voter there who attended was quoted in their local paper, saying: ‘I don’t know what the reason is. It’s not like Nixon years ago. With Trump, they wanted to impeach him from day one… I voted for [Craig], but I won’t vote for her again… She’s done.'”

Bannon elaborated: “This is not what the Democrats wanted to hear going back to their districts. They wanted to hear the hearings were amazing…”

“They thought they would come home to parades,” Kassam added.

“Parades, exactly,” Bannon affirmed. “And it’s not a parade.”