On Episode 29 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discuss the laughably low viewership of Wednesday’s public hearings featuring testimony from George Kent and Bill Taylor.

Bannon describes: “Yesterdays hearing were just not gripping tv. People are saying they wanted it to be boring, so they could weaponize it. I’m not buying it. I think they wanted to grip then nation, and it didn’t happen. It was nap time.”

Kassam adds: “They wanted everybody tuning in, and they had their star witnesses George Kent and William Taylor first and upfront, and they thought this would be big, blockbuster television.”

Kassam also notes how many audience members were leaving the room:

This reflects in the viewership: “A grand total of 13.1 million Americans tuned in. Mueller had 12.9 million within this hearing on Capitol Hill. This is a like to like comparison. You’re talking about the impeachment of a sitting president and the testimony of Mueller getting basically the same.”

Kassam also highlights how “the Kavanaugh proceedings got 20 million live viewers. So whatever is happening here, the Democrats are hemorrhaging a serious number of people.”

Bannon explains why this is significant: “The reason we’re talking about this is because at the end of the day, this is all going to be judged by the American people. […] These metrics, these overnight ratings are very important. Are people tuning in, in particular lower-information voters, starting to tune and see this for the first time?”