While both optimism for the New Year and positivity about the past year have reached new highs, Democrats are working to impeach the man responsible.

An online and telephone survey of one thousand American adults conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows that 72 per cent of Americans believe 2020 will be at least a good year – a leap from last year’s mere 54 per cent.

The participants were asked if they “expect the year 2020 to be one of the best years ever, an excellent year, a good year, a fair year or a poor year?”

20 per cent believe 2020 will be “one of the best years ever,” and 22 per cent answered excellent. Only 15 per cent say the year will be fair, and six per cent say poor.

Rasmussen notes that Republicans (88 per cent) have much more optimism than Democrats (69 per cent) about the year ahead.

The previous high in optimism for the New Year occurred merely a month after Trump’s election:

“The previous high was 62% who had a positive outlook following the 2016 election as 2017 dawned. Only 47% felt that way about 2015, and optimism was even lower in the years prior to that.”

The survey also revealed a new high in positivity about the previous year:

“57% give 2019 positive marks, with 26% who say it’s been a good year, 16% an excellent year and 15% one of the best years ever. This, too, is a new retrospective high. The previous high was 52% at the end of 2018, a number that had been trending up from a low of 30% looking back on 2013.”

Despite American optimism skyrocketing under Trump, Democrats impeached, and continued their push to remove, the 45th President – an increasingly unfavorable action amongst Americans.

The impeachment trial will most likely be underway this month, once Speaker Nancy Pelosi delivers the articles of impeachment to the Senate.