On Episode 29 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon unloads on the corrupt Biden family.

Bannon asks, “Is Joe Biden above the law? Is his drug addict son?”

He adds: “I’m not even getting on the fact of how [Hunter Biden] became a naval officer for a month before he started dealing drugs, and I’m not talking about the $1.5 billion [Joe Biden] took from the Chinese Communist Party and sold out in the South China sea, which if we ever go to a shooting war in the next 5 years, it’ll be there because of those islands that Joe Biden oversaw the construction of and looked the other way – the “Munich of the 21st century.”

And their nefarious activities in Ukraine are taking place in a country “rated the number one most corrupt country in Europe by The Guardian and the number three worldwide by Ernst&Young.”

He adds, “What he did in China is even worse than what he did Ukraine.”

Bannon also suggests that President Trump “Go on a tour, and say here is what this is about. Let me lay down here exactly what I was thinking about Ukraine, exactly why I had to pay attention to it, exactly why they should only get the money when they can guarantee it’s going to get spent on exactly what we say, anticorruption.”

President Trump should also hammer: “I want Macron, Merkel, the rest of the guys throwing some money into the till.”

On those grounds, Bannon suggests “If they want to have a policy debate, bring it.”