On Episode 52 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon discusses the significance of next week’s NATO Summit.

Bannon predicts “next week, these NATO meetings in Europe the president is going to go to are going to be explosive.”

He outlines three reasons.

First, “Now the Ukrainian government wants to investigate Burisma on their own volition which will bring the Bidens into it.”

Second, “The American commitment to NATO, which is very firm and very strong, is going to be proportionally taken down as other countries are now putting more money in because President Trump has told them they have to meet this 2% commitment. France, Germany, and others are going to have a higher percentage than they’ve had in the past.”

Third, “President Trump is going to bring up China as the principal threat for NATO to focus on.”

These victories align with 2 central tenets of President Trump’s America First agenda: seeking allies not protectorates and ensuring other countries are paying their fair share.