On Episode 21 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon predicts the timeline for impeachment, betting the House vote will take place on December 21st.

This follows a line of successful predictions made on War Room: Impeachment: “I do want to say, not a humble brag, a brag brag. It’s not about Bloomberg, it’s not about bringing the Bidens to the Senate to testify. Not about those called shots. We’re doing another called shot.”

He continues: “It’s about the date that Nancy Pelosi will actually bring the articles of impeachment to the floor for a floor vote. It’ll be a roll call vote. It looks like right now, I believe it will be Saturday December 21st.”

Originally, the House was going to “have articles of impeachment on Trump before thanksgiving and pass it to the Senate for trial and have it wrap up before Christmas.”

Adding, “This was Nancy Pelosi’s Napoleonic strategy of march divided, fight united. They were moving down many paths at the same time and having secret hearings where you could only have parts of transcripts.”

To Bannon, it was “Matt Gaetz and that brilliant strategic move a couple of Thursdays ago when he went down to the SCIF and showed America that Adam Schiff was running a star chamber.”

“Rep. Gaetz was able to slow this down. [Nancy Pelosi] had to call an audible. It’s now in the public.”