On Episode 36 of War Room: Impeachment, host Stephen K. Bannon and guest Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch discuss Adam Schiff’s conduct regarding the whistleblower and the likelihood of him knowing their identity.

Bannon notes how Schiff and his Democrat counterparts are trying to “Hermetically seal these guys from any kind of questioning about exactly what did you do in the chain of command and your duty as an officer and member of the NSC. How did you actually comport yourself”?

Fitton expands: “Vindman was asked about who he briefed on the call. Schiff and Vindman’s lawyers jumped in said you can’t ask about that because it could potentially lead to the identity of the leaker, the alleged CIA guy.”

He adds: ““There’s a strong implication that Vindman violated the chain of command certainly within the White House by briefing this person in the CIA. There’s an issue of legality about whether Vindman appropriately talked to this leaker, whether this leaker appropriately talked to him, and the communication was Schiff.”

This secrecy was also present in Morrison’s testimony: “Morrison was also concerned about Vindman’s propensity to leak on issues other than this. Schiff and Morrison’s lawyer jumped in and told him [Morrison] couldn’t answer questions about [Vindman’s propensity to leak].”

To Fitton, it’s clear “Schiff is compromised. Talk about someone who needs to be recusing himself. He needs to be under investigation for his staff, I don’t know what [Schiff’s] knowledge of what his staff did is, because they’re implicated in improperly obtaining classified information from the CIA leaker about this call.”

Co-host Jason Miller adds: “There is no way Adam Schiff didn’t know his staff was working with the whistleblower beforehand,” adding any statement otherwise is a “bold faced lie.”

Fitton reiterates: “I think [Schiff] knows who the whistleblower is. I think it’s already been confirmed to him. He already lied once about his offices communication with the whistleblower and is lying repeatedly.”