On Episode 39 of War Room Impeachment, hosts Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kasssam, and Jason Miller predict no candidates or moderators at tonight’s Democratic primary debate will press Joe Biden on Ukraine or Burisma. 

The topic particularly relevant today, as Ukrainian Parliament opened a formal investigation into Burisma focusing on alleged embezzlement of state funds. 

Miller poses the question: “Will someone ask Joe Biden about this new revelation on Burisma?”

Bannon highly doubts anyone will: “These guys are such a pillow fight internally. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody brought it up tonight.”

He continues, “The Democratic primary has now become the witness protection program.”

Kassam concurs: “I will wager $100 and more that nobody challenges Biden on this stuff.”

If the topic does come up, however, Miller contends “They [will] nose around it. What do you think about these allegations that you’re too tightly connected to Washington DC as an insider? They kind of hint around Hunter but don’t go head into it.