War Room host and former CEO of the 2016 Trump campaign Stephen K. Bannon discussed America first foreign policy, the very policy those leading the impeachment inquiry are trying to put an end to, on Episode 20 of War Room: Impeachment.

“From NATO, to the Persian Gulf, to the South China Sea, up to the North West Pacific it’s a series of commercial relationships, trade deals, capital markets, and an American security guarantee. What American first is, and what’s different from what these guys refuse to accept, is that has made America an imperial power – we’re not an imperial power. Our Founders and framers were so brilliant, such a brilliant generation of men and women that fought for our freedom against the greatest empire that the world had ever seen, the British Empire, and set about, with France, revolutionary powers.”

“We would not be free was it not for the French. And what this is, in the Trump revolution, is to look at that international order where America has allies. NATO’s got to step up and start to put more money in the till. The Germans can’t just put one per cent of their GDP, they’ve committed to put in two per cent. This is the whole Ukraine thing: Ukraine was forced by the guys in Brussels, the EU, they’re obsessed with Russia. And I say if you’re so obsessed with Russia, particularly Germany and France, where’s the money? Why don’t you pay more for your own defense. Germany wants to have it both ways: their biggest trading partner is Russia, they’re on natural gas deals with Russia, they got all these business relationships with Russia, but they still say ‘oh those Russians are so terrible and oh Donald Trump is awful because he’s actually trying to treat Putin…'”

“Potentially, potentially, he’s trying to reunite the West to face China, Persia, and Turkey. Which are trying to obviously consolidate the Eurasian landmass, and that Donald Trump is vilified by this. This is the beating heart of America first: where people are allies… What that means is bilateral trade deals, aggressive policy that work for both countries, the United States is not getting ripped off anymore in these trade deals.