Let’s take a peek at a polling series commissioned by the conservative American Action Network, which measured voters’ opinions about impeachment in three Trump-won Congressional Districts that Democrats flipped in 2018.  The president carried all three by double digits, and now impeachment is underwater by even more decisive margins:

American Action Network has been advertising in the districts of Representatives Anthony Brindisi, Joe Cunningham and Xochitl Torres Small since early November on the issue of impeachment. Our polling finds that impeachment has become an extremely high-visibility issue. Universally, constituents in these districts report having seen, read or heard information about their Member of Congress and impeachment, and the information they’ve received has given them a highly negative view of the impeachment process, strong enough to provoke significant negative reactions when their Members of Congress support it.

By an approximately similar margins, respondents in these districts say their views of any member of Congression who voted in favor of impeaching Trump are less favorable. Meanwhile, writing at the Washington PostHenry Olsen notices that Trump’s approval rating has matched its highest level since shortly after his 2017 inauguration and predicts it could climb higher: