Raheem Kassam hosts Episode 7 of War Room: Impeachment from the Capitol Hill studios, joined by Stephen K. Bannon from New York. The pair discussed President Trump’s success in killing ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi and how this relates to the impeachment process.

President Trump, Kassam noted, is getting on with the business of government while the Democrats continue to march career bureaucrats through the secretive SCIF on Capitol Hill in order to build a case to impeach the President.

The media wanted Sunday to be a day they could recap the week, as well as drive a narrative into next week which sees more testimony from central figures on the National Security Council. But President Trump’s announcement squashed that. Is this the sign of a more aggressive White House communications strategy? The hosts seem to think so.

“the Trump forces said enough is enough, we cant just take punches we have to be more aggressive,” noted Bannon, while Kassam added: “When Clinton was being impeached he got on with the business of government… the president was still focusing on keeping the country safe, keeping the economy going, doing the things the president is supposed to do.”

Kassam: “Trump is painting a picture of a U.S. president who is not messing around on the foreign stage as the media and Democrats are portraying…  it gives the American people a cause to believe the Commander-in-Chief is getting things done”.

The pair also discussed how the whole Ukraine saga began, with NATO, the European Union, President Obama and John McCain supporting regime change in an effort to subsume a once-buffer state with Russia into the EU and NATO sphere of influence. The pair promised more background on this in the week to come.

“If you thought last week was explosive, there’s more of it to come,” said Kassam.