On Episode 77 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and Jason Miller were joined by pollster John McLaughlin to discuss recent numbers in the Dirty 30 districts – and it’s not looking good for the Democrat incumbents.

Kassam began the discussion on the recent Fabrizio, Lee, & Associates poll: “These numbers in the Dirty Thirty districts – this is where Trump won in 2016, and where congressional incumbents are Democrats – these don’t portray a particularly good picture.” 

“You guys have headlined this ‘Democrats in Trump ‘16 districts risk walking Pelosi’s plank if they support impeachment,'” Kassam continued. “Can you walk us through the top line numbers from this? And also explain to us the methodology; because I saw that you’ve been quite generous in terms of the demographic representation here as far as more likely Democrat voters are concerned.”

“This survey was Tony Fabrizio’s survey, and he’s the lead pollster for the [Trump] campaign,” McLaughlin explained. “Tony did nine hundred likely voters. And we had previously done in certain districts. Like our firm, McLaughlin & Associates, did NY-22 where Brindisi sits; and Tony’s firm had done OK-5 where Congresswoman Horan sits and SC-1 where Joe Cunningham sits.”

“What we found is that these Democrats are really putting themselves at risk,” McLaughlin explained. “And I think their polls are coming back, too, because prior to last week it was thirty-one Democrats in thirty-one districts that Trump won. But one of them has now switched from south [New] Jersey. He must have gotten his poll back.”

“In the mean time,” the pollster continued, “you’ve got a situation here where even though it was demographically set up to represent these battleground congressional districts, you’ve got 47 per cent of the voters in these districts say that they want a new person. Only 36 per cent think their Democratic congressman deserves reelection.”

“[These voters] oppose impeachment 53 to 43. And if their member of congress votes for this, four to three they are less likely to vote for them.”

“The killer thing is,” McLaughlin emphasized, “two-thirds say it’s time we move past this and start solving problems that the country is facing, 62-36. They say it’s a waste of time and tax dollars, 61-38. They basically want the Republicans and Democrats to work together to lower prescription drug prices rather than do impeachment, 68-25. They would rather have Congress pass new trade deals to save jobs, 66-29. They would rather [congress] fix their crumbling infrastructure, 66-27.”

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“Impeachment’s a loser for the Democrats,” McLaughlin said. “There’s an impeachment backfire going on right now around the country… The week before [the whistleblower complaint] – this is back in September –  the President was in the polls: he was leading all the Democrats, his job approval was over fifty per cent in the good polls of likely voters. All of the sudden this whistleblower appears and impeachment takes over. This is all a political charade.

“In late October we took a national survey, and we said ‘is this political to stop the President from being reelected, or is this battle a legal process?’ 52-36, the majority of voters said it’s political. And at the time, 59 per cent of all voters thought this was a waste of time and it was going no where.

“Nancy Pelosi has pursued this, she’s drilling it home. And by the way, they held weeks of hearings. And people tuned it out: it was boring, they proved nothing. All they proved [is] that the President is innocent of all their charges. The President’s letter today is exactly accurate: they are the ones violating the Constitution, they are the ones abusing power, and the Senate is going to kill them.”

Kassam clarified what the pollster said: “You’re effectively saying that this is erasing the incumbency factor for these Democrats. That’s a pretty extraordinary thing to do, that’s one of the things you typically hang on to.”

He continued: “We’ve seen breaking new in the last couple of minutes that Jared Golden in Maine’s 2nd district is saying that he’s going to vote for one article of impeachment on the abuse of power but not on the obstruction of congress, thinking that maybe he can have it both ways. These statistics don’t prove that you can have it both ways, do they?”

“No,” McLaughlin responded. “And the fact of the matter is it’s really going no where. It’s been a sham process…There’s no due process, the Republicans have no rights to call witnesses. This is an unprecedented type of impeachment…There’s no fairness here. This was some kind of Star show trial – the kind you would see in the Soviet Union – run by Pelosi. My only explanation is she must figure if she gets Donald Trump, she’ll get Mike Pence next and then she’ll become the President.”