A poll from Fabrizio-Lee reveals Democrats in the “dirty 30” swing seats will be negatively impacted by voting in favor of impeachment.

The survey even weights towards traditionally Democrat-friendly voters such as those with college degrees and younger voters.

Nevertheless the data will be deeply concerning to Democrats in the seats Trump won in 2016 but lost in 2018: the dirty 30.

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On the generic ballot, polling found Republicans are already slightly more popular. Only 36 percent of likely voters saying their Democrat Congressperson deserves re-election.

Fifty-three percent oppose impeaching the President. Thirty-eight percent say their Congressperson supporting impeachment will make them vote against them. Just 29 percent says it increases their support.

Sixty-two percent of people say Congress should move on from impeachment. While 68 percent say lowering drug prices is more important. Sixty-six percent say new trade deals and jobs are more important than impeachment. Infrastructure ranks as more important by 66 to 27 percent.