On Episode 97 of War Room: Impeachment, Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, describes how Democrats want permanent impeachment. 

He explains: “[Adam] Schiff is a tool of the DNC and the Fusion GPS and Hillary Clinton gang. He was working hand in glove over the years in terms of pushing out this knowing falsehood against the President of the United States, and he sees his allies being subject to potential criminal prosecution however unlikely that is, I think they’re nervous about it. So what do you do? You try to freeze the administration from doing anything about it through these coup activities.”

Fitton adds: “Schiff needs to be on trial not the president.”

Concerning the Senate trial, Fitton contends: “We’re assuming there is going to be a trial shortly. As far as the Democrats in the House are concerned, they want perpetual impeachment of the president. They may just continue this process through the nine months.

He elaborates: “The same crowd that got him impeached is going to be telling him he can’t do anything to protect himself from further abuse by the Senate.”

Fitton notes how any version of a Senate trial will be tainted with anti-Trump witnesses: “I don’t think the coup plotters should get the benefit of their corruption with a Senate trial that will be nothing but abusive of the president. Any Senate trial is going to have anti-Trump witnesses. There’s no majority in the Senate and there is no leadership in the Senate for witnesses that would advocate for the president. […] It’s going to be the Kavanaugh hearings to the twelfth power.”