With the Horowitz report set to drop on December 9th, Stephen K. Bannon and Jason Miller discussed narratives and how the mainstream media’s early leaking shows they’re afraid on Episode 44 of War Room Impeachment.

“Now you’ve got hard facts that you actually have institutional corruption,” Bannon said. “How much do you think it turns around the narrative that it’s the tin foil hat crowd that’s been pushing these ‘conspiracy theories.’”

“This could just become an explosive divide Because everyone on the right is going to jump on this and say ‘see, I told you so,’” Miller said. “If we’re seeing leaks this early, it tells you how worried the media is that this is going to turn things around.”

“This is key, because this is over two weeks early,” Bannon emphasized. “To know this over two weeks out, that they already got it in the hands of the New York Times and the Washington Post… [The Democrats] are already getting it out to their media allies. That’s how afraid of this they are.” 

“What else does it tell you?” Miller added. “It tells you that they didn’t close the deal with the impeachment witch hunt.”