Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have released their own report following the release of the Republican Minority Report into the impeachment inquiry against President Donald J. Trump.

The prime theme of the report released by House Intel Democrats is that President Trump used the power of his office for political gain. In its Preface, House Democrats take the reader of the report on a specious ride which never leads to any first-hand knowledge of wrongdoing.

The report weaves together the following: presumptions, more presumptions, and the occasional reference to the Founding Fathers’ take on the sanctity of impeachment.

What the report fails to do is showcase any fact-based evidence that President Trump did anything wrong.

As we have been saying here at The War Room: Impeachment for weeks, this impeachment inquiry is draining the oxygen out of our political system because unelected bureaucrats disagree with the America First foreign policy platform that President Trump was duly elected on and are now trying to undermine him.

To that end, House Democrats are trying undermine the results of the 2016 presidential election. What they failed to do at the ballot box they are trying to achieve through impeachment.

You can read the whole report here.