On Episode 70 of War Room: Impeachment, hosts Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller give Democrats a fitting new name: the ‘Permanent Impeachment Party’. 

Miller explains: “They are a non-stop, turn down for what, pro-impeachment effort. They’re never going to stop stopping on this impeachment hunt. It shows you what Trump derangement syndrome is doing to folks around the country.”

Rep. Karen Bass, who recently suggested impeaching Trump again after the 2020 election, epitomizes this mentality.

And she “will be on CNN’s State of The Union this weekend, and she’s literally already calling for more efforts to impeach President Trump.” 

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds that the evidence is so thin, impeachment can be fueled only by policy differences and rancor: “After yesterday, if you actually paid attention to the [Judiciary hearing] and listened, it comes out as pretty thin. What Trump is saying and the messaging he is doing right now, that it’s a very thin impeachment, it’s impeachment-lite. The abuse charges you still can’t get your head around and the contempt of congress, the obstruction of congress is really not obstruction of justice. 

For example, Miller points to “Ann Kirkpatrick, who is a freshman this time from Arizona, but she has had this rotating seat in Arizona a number of times before, she said to VOX when they were asking her about where she stood on impeachment, she admitted on the record, she had already made her mind up on impeachment after the Mueller Report came out.”

He continues: “So this is really such a buried lede in the Vox story. This has nothing to do with Ukraine, nothing to do with the July 25th call with President Zelensky. This has to do with the Mueller Report which by the way, cleared President Trump.”