“What a soft touch these people all seem on China, on the Afghanistan question,” War Room host Raheem Kassam noted of the candidates’ performances from Thursday night.

On Episode 83 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon emphasized the underwhelming performances, saying: “this is running for student council president.”

“The media recognizes at least that is had framed this whole impeachment saga as a national security scandal. And so they have to ask these national security questions,” Kassam explained.

“Remember it was only a couple of months ago there was a LGBT debate. We’re actually now bringing it back with seeing the reintroduction of core things that are interesting, and that people vote on, and that are of concern to the American public when they are picking a commander-in-chief. What you saw last night was a cadre of people who are fundamentally not ready to pick up the mantle either economically or on national security terms.”

The War Room began with the clip of  businessman – and early funder of impeachment – Tom Steyer on China:

“It’s total nonsense,” Bannon said of Steyer’s China response, which mentioned climate change.

“Look at the Paris [Climate] Accord. They’re putting a half a trillion dollars into the coal plans – which they lied about… They’ve been quadrupling down on coal because they know it’s a cheap source of energy to run their economy… That is all just nonsense, happy talk.

“He used the word ‘frenemy,'” Kassam noted. “It’s just childish.”

“Let’s go to somebody who spoke a little more sense last night,” Kassam said. “Not all that much, but a little bit more, was Andrew Yang:”

“The most significant geopolitical event of 2019 that nobody talk about until brother Yang mentioned it is China in the spring of this year laying out that they’re going to go on different tech standard,” Bannon said. “This announcement the other day didn’t get enough coverage, that they’re putting a mandate out [that] they’re not going to buy any more American computer equipment.”

“The thing with Andrew Yang is he almost gets there,” Kassam added. “Good for him for trying. But he goes ‘they’ve got this facial recognition technology so that they can, uh, follow up with you later.'”

Moving on to Joe Biden, Kassam noted: “Biden effectively opened his campaign by diminishing the Chinese threat… Let’s see what he says no:”

“First of all, that’s a string of lies,” Bannon said of the former Vice President’s comments on China. “Joe Biden is a stone cold liar,” he corrected his comments on the South China Sea.

Bannon continued: “Joe Biden is totally corrupt and his family’s in business with the Chinese Communist Party, they’ve made money with the Chinese Communist Party.”

“Joe Biden is completely incompetent, he’s totally corrupt, and he’s a stone cold liar. And this is why [the debate] is a pillow fight,” Bannon explained, “not one Democrat on that stage called him out.”

Kassam and Bannon then moved onto Amy Klobuchar’s comments on China:

“This is running for student council president,” Bannon reiterated after hearing Klobuchar’s comments. “This is gibberish”

“You know you’re in gibberish territory if half way through your answer you have to give out your website,” Kassam said.

Lastly was Mayor Pete Buttigieg: