Dr. Fiona Hill – another Democrat “star witness” in the impeachment inquiry wrote an opinion editorial for the Washington Post arguing against giving military or security assistance to Ukraine, and claimed any such move would “push Putin into a regional war“.

Hill wrote in 2015:

The logic of sending weapons to Ukraine seems straightforward and is the same as the logic for economic sanctions: to change Vladi­mir Putin’s “calculus.” Increasing the Ukrainian army’s fighting capacity, the thinking goes, would allow it to kill more rebels and Russian soldiers, generating a backlash in Russia and ultimately forcing the Russian president to the negotiating table.

We strongly disagree. The evidence points in a different direction.

Throughout the Democrat’s impeachment process, Chairman Adam Schiff, Democrat Counsel David Goldman, and their Members of the House Intelligence Committee have been reiterating the importance of the security aid which, they also neglect to mention, was opposed by President Barack Obama.

She concludes:

We face a huge challenge in devising a strategy to deal with Russia that does not fuel this escalatory cycle and puts Ukraine on another path. We also need to draw bright lines around transatlantic unity and work to preserve it. It is hard to find effective alternatives to the current sanctions policy, but if we plunge headlong into sending weapons, we may lose our allies, and we may never have the opportunity to get things right.

You can read her full op-ed in the Washington Post.