On Episode 57 of War Room: Impeachment, Daniel Huff joined Raheem Kassam and Jason Miller to discuss his Wall Street Journal opinion editorial, wherein he outlines the defense used by Democrats when challenged over subpoenaing Trump’s tax returns can be used to defend the ‘Biden probe.’

Huff explains:

“The essential point is this: the Democrats are accusing the President of doing the very same thing that they are doing. They say he is using official power to go after political enemies; they are too with their subpoenas [for Trump’s tax returns]. When [Democrats] were challenged, the defense that they offered for their subpoenas applies equally to the President. 

“In particular: even if there is a political motivation one can point to in our subpoenas, it doesn’t matter because it fits within a valid claimed legislative purpose. In other words, all you have to have is some kind of bare fig leaf of why you are doing something. And as long as that is an official reason and it’s somewhat plausible, it doesn’t matter even if there is lots of evidence of political motivation.

“My point is, this same logic that supports their subpoena applies with equal force to the President. That he also can claim: ‘yes, I was going after Biden, but that was about a broader effort to go after corruption, to have other countries contribute more to the cause. And if you think that’s implausible, I think you’re claim that you have a legislative purpose to get my tax subpoenas is implausible. If you can do it, I can do it. So quit all of the sanctimonious nonsense.’”