On Episode 19 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Dave Urban, senior advisor to the 2016 Trump campaign in Pennsylvania and CNN political commentator, reiterates a major theme of the show: the effort to impeach the president is fundamentally a policy dispute between the establishment, globalist wing of the foreign policy apparatus and the president’s America First agenda. 

Urban outlines the policy differences:

“It’s a difference of policy opinion. If you took a poll amongst career diplomats what they think about the president getting out of the Iran deal, they’d be overwhelmingly opposed. What do they think about the president walking away from the Paris Accords? Their heads would explode.”

Co-host Jason Miller inquires about Urban’s take on the “chain of command issue,” adding that “when [Vindman] has been on the battlefield nobly serving our country, he would never undermine or intentionally subvert the chain of command, but he’s doing exactly that in the White House.”

Urban believes Vindman “thinks he’s doing his duty.”

Host Stephen K. Bannon adds: “In the chain of command he’s a detailee. He’s got a chain of command up through the NSC and the White House, but he’s also got a chain of command both at the Department of Defense, the army, and with Bill Taylor and Mike Pompeo.”

Despite this, “You don’t see where this stuff ever went up any chain of command. It starts metastasizing. Why are you whistleblowing when you have another chain of command?”