On Episode 19 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Dave Urban, senior advisor to the 2016 Trump campaign in Pennsylvania and CNN political commentator talks about the significance of impeachment, “something that would impact the republic for all of history.”

Urban continues: “The framers would say impeachment is only for very egregious crimes, and the best way to remove a politician, in this case, would be through election. You hear that from focus groups, even a lot of the members say this is 2020, there’s an election coming up, let the people decide.”

However, Democrats will relentlessly pursue impeachment because “they’re afraid that if the people decide, they’ll be deciding to send Donald Trump back to Washington for 4 more years. That’s the Democrat’s greatest fear.”

Urban discusses the eventual trial in the Senate, the body that has the ability to actually convict the president: “The real question here is how does it look in the Senate. What are the rules? They have to come to an agreement upon the rules. What is the burden of proof for removing the president of the United States? Is it a mere preponderance of the evidence like in a civil trial […] or is it a criminal standard of beyond reasonable doubt?”

Urban remarks: “To remove a sitting president, to negate the electors’ wishes should be the absolute highest standard.”

To Urban, the facts presented by the House have failed to satisfy any reasonable evidentiary standards: “Show me something new. Show me something that makes me say we should get rid of the president. I’ve not heard it from anybody today. I hear third, fourth-hand testimony.”