On Episode 125 of War Room: Impeachment, co-host Raheem Kassam outlines the case against an outright dismissal of the House’s articles of impeachment by the Senate.

To Kassam, dismissal “couldn’t be more dangerous.”

He describes what those pushing for dismissal are advocating for: “Just get rid of it. Forget about the impeachment. Use the powers of Mitch McConnell and the senate republicans to dismiss it and move on.”

Kassam emphasizes this is not a strategy beneficial to President Trump.

He elaborates: “The rationale is this. You have to understand this: there is an election this year, and there is a Democratic Party and a media establishment just looking for excuses, looking really for something for the Democrats to run on between here and November.”

The impact of impeachment on the 2020 election escapes “The dismissal crowd, the unconstitutionality crowd” epitomized by member of President Trump’s Senate defense team Alan Dershowitz.


Although “There’s no doubt that Alan Dershowitz is a great Constitutional lawyer and expert, […] he’s representing the Constitution up there,” not President Trump.

Kassam continues: “they’re not concerned with the re-elect of President Donald John Trump in November. They aren’t thinking about November. They’re not campaigners. They’re not political communications people. They‘re not in the business of having the president’s back, and they’re not in the business of having the MAGA movement’s back.

Adding, “and that’s fine. We need Constitutionalists, people who rise above the partisan fray, but we also need the partisans who are thinking about the election.”

Specifically, “we need the strategists who understand the following: there is nothing more potent and dangerous than unfinished business in politics. And this will be considered unfinished business, not even just as far as the Democrat’s and the media are concerned.”

It will impact people’s perception of the overall fairness and credibility of President Trump’s acquittal: “There are a lot of the public who will be out there and look at this and go, we had all of that in the House and we didn’t get the full of it in the Senate? You wasted everyone’s time. […] For the ordinary person out there who perhaps isn’t following this line by line, they may see, especially if Bloomberg pays them to see, this dismissal as a very, very dangerous political move.”

Bannon explains Bloomberg’s impending “weaponization”: “His $1 billion is going to come down on your head sometime this Spring.”