On Episode 49 of War Room: Impeachment, guest Steve Cortes, CNN Contributor and Head of the Trump 2016 Hispanic Advisory Council, describes how Democrats and the media are “trying to make it socially unacceptable to be a Trump Supporter.” The latest smear campaign targeted against the president’s supporters and allies is that they’re “cult members”, an allegation Cortes thoroughly debunks in his most recent article.

This tactic is being used because “[Republicans] are doing really well. Particularly in swing states where it really matters. [Democrats] are properly sensing that they’re losing. [Democrats] are losing the game on impeachment. [Democrats] are losing momentum for 2020. [Democrats] know they have a terrible cadre of candidates.”

Cortes also calls out the media, “We’re a country that’s already exacerbated and polarized politically, and that’s a problem for America. The mainstream media is trying to make it worse, and they don’t care about scorched earth as long as they think they can harm the president.”

In reality, Trump supporters aren’t cult members; they’re “working class people in this country who have used the ballot box to revolt against the permanent political class who enjoyed a lot of privileges for decades in this country with the complicity of both parties.”

To Cortes, supporting President Trump “is a rational decision to engage in a political revolution.”


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