When I advocated for candidate Donald Trump back in 2016, I sometimes used the analogy of my favorite teenage book, “The Outsiders.” We on Team Trump were the equivalent of the “greasers” and the establishment permanent political class represented the “socs.” After decades of disrespect from Beltway Brahmins and their complicit media allies, American voters wisely ignored the embedded power brokers and rallied to the upstart renegades. In many ways, even though Trump is now commander-in-chief, we remain very much the greasers, as shown by the intense disparagement of our movement lately from mainstream media.

In recent days, these underhanded tactics of demonization involve branding our movement as a “cult.” That term has been used so regularly — and so casually — by various press figures that it clearly represents the latest derisive narrative media elites are using to dismiss our cause as mentally disturbed. Dan Rather, whom many in mainstream media now lionize despite his prior departure in disgrace from CBS News, tweeted out that “I have covered many cults … they invariably end. The question is how much damage they leave in their wake.” Expounding upon this comment on TV, he said that “President Trump’s support seems cultish.”

Elise Jordan of MSNBC, a regular panelist on highly anti-Trump “Morning Joe,” similarly smeared our movement. First, she claimed on Twitter that her insult of the president as a “scumbag” represented a “factually accurate statement.”  I responded that such typical media obfuscation demonstrated why the purveyors of it deserve the president’s “harsh appellation: enemy of the people.” Jordan then retorted, “Have fun in your cult while it lasts.”