On Episode 47 of War Room: Impeachment, Stephen K. Bannon and guest Steve Cortes from CNN compared and contrasted both national and international stock markets, highlighting the lack of effect impeachment has had on their performance.

“How is the world responding to Schiff’s two weeks of hearings?” Bannon asked Cortes.

“The markets have been oblivious,” Cortes responded. “…correctly so. What I’m telling you is as we’re speaking right now, stocks are hitting all time highs… I’m glad you [Bannon] mentioned the rest of the world, because compared to the rest of the world how much better we’re doing.”

“The U.S. is really an island of growth,” Cortes explained. “For example, if we compare it to China. Ten years ago the Shanghai Composite – which is sort of their DOW Jones average – is lower now than it was ten years agoOur DOW Jones ten years ago was at ten thousand. It is now at twenty-eight thousand – it has almost tripled. So not only are we doing great, but compared to the rest of the world we’re just an absolute oasis.”