“[Democrats] are obsessed with removing Trump…but the rest of the country isn’t,” Steve Cortes told Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam on Episode 47 of War Room: Impeachment.

“They unwittingly did us a favor, the Democrats,” Cortes said about the impeachment inquiry. The circus we saw on Capitol Hill, it certainly did not resonate with voters.”

“This is a ‘Tale of Two Cities,'” Cortes explained. “You’ve got the city of Washington, which is obsessed with impeachment…and then you’ve got the rest of the country.”

Bannon furthered: “You’ve got the city of Washington, and then you have the city on the hill, which is America… Those things have two different dynamics.”

“Yes,” Cortes affirmed. “Because the city on the Hill right now, it is thriving. Wages are rising, confidence is soaring – this is a country that is working, that is busy… This is a country that is revitalized in many ways. You wouldn’t know that if you only paid attention to Capitol Hill or New York newsrooms.”