Since the Cook Political Report debuted their 2020 Electoral College Ratings in January 2019, Pennsylvania was one of a few states listed in the toss-up column. While various states ratings have shifted over the past year, the election analysts have kept Pennsylvania as a toss-up in their latest Electoral Scorecard.

The latest ratings released from the Cook Political Report on March 9 have Pennsylvania as one of six states currently listed as a toss-up and the state with the second most Electoral votes in this column. Other states included in this category include Florida, who has 29 Electoral votes, Michigan’s 16 Electoral votes, North Carolina’s 15 Electoral votes, Arizona’s 11 Electoral votes, Wisconsin’s 10 Electoral votes, and Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District’s 1 Electoral vote.


According to their most recent rating, neither party has the 270 electoral votes needed to capture the White House, highlighting the importance of swing states like Pennsylvania. Democrats have a slight edge in their most recent ratings with 232 electoral votes in the Solid, Likely and Lean categories would need just 39, or 38%, of the electoral votes from the Toss Up column. Republicans have 2014 electoral votes in the Solid, Likely, and Lean categories and would need 67, or 66%, of the electoral votes currently in the Toss Up column.


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