The poorly executed CNN poll leading the liberal news networks this morning actually reveals a hardening of support for President Trump amongst those who believe he should not be impeached.

While CNN is leading with headlines that suggest no change since the impeachment process begun, cross tabs on the polling actually reveals that those who believe President Trump should not be impeached feel more strongly about it today than a month ago.

In October, 86 per cent of those against impeachment said they felt strongly about it, while 14 per cent said they felt that way but “not strongly”. Since then, an additional 3 per cent said they feel strongly, with 4 per cent dropping from the “not strongly” section, and one per cent going to “no opinion”.

Despite this movement CNN is attempting to claim the poll shows “nothing new”. There was only a 1 per cent hardening of those who felt strongly in favor of impeachment.

The poll only quizzed 1,007 adults (rather than voters) and focused heavily on cell phone users which tend to lend towards results skewed liberal.