Tucker Carlson Tonight reported CNN is spending millions of dollars to have their channel played at fifty-eight airports across the United States.

As Carlson explained, CNN is paying the airports approximately $100,000 each to “pump propaganda into America’s airports, holding its hapless travelers hostage.”

He commented: “It’s not something [the airports] would do willingly. Who would? Nobody watches [CNN] – it’s garbage.”

“This service is likely costing CNN six million dollars a year,” Carlson explained. “But they do it anyway because what’s the value of propaganda?”

Carlson was joined by author and commentator Mark Steyn to further discuss the topic.

“They pay over six millions dollars to bother people, to hector people in airports,” Steyn said. He suggested, “You know for six millions dollars they could actually afford to buy Murder She Wrote reruns…and they might actually have a sporting chance at some ratings.”

“I was at LAX yesterday while the anchors were talking about what a sad, somber, solemn, sorrowful day it is,” Steyn continued. “And people did look sad, somber, sorrowful, and solemn – but that was because they had been stuck at gate 59 watching Wolf Blitzer for four hours.”