The impeachment process is the culmination of a foreign policy dispute between establishment, interventionist ways and President Trump’s revolutionary America First agenda.

Mainstream media outlets are integral to perpetuating the establishment, as a recent CNN headline demonstrates:  “Impeachment Shows Unelected Government Employees are Heart of Democracy.”

Those same “unelected government employees” who are participating in a plot designed to remove a duly-elected president from office? There’s nothing democratic about that. 

The article contends:

“…what we do know from the impeachment hearings is that the whistleblower and the public servants who have appeared so far did what members of the unelected government do daily: They served the people.

Wrong again.

“Serving the people” is what President Trump is attempting to do, and unelected bureaucrats are responsible for obstructing his efforts which were democratically picked by Americans in 2016. 

He’s making sure American taxpayer dollars are not being sent off to corrupt countries to further the personal goals of kleptocrats. He’s even raising the question why this money is spent thousands of miles away from home; imagine what American cities could do with the $400 million in aid sent to Ukraine. 

He’s ensuring America retains allies, not protectorates. 

The CNN article continues: 

“For Americans who have lost faith in their government — frustrated by a hyper-partisan era in which left and right often can’t even agree on such elementary tautologies as fact is fact, and truth is truth — the responsiveness of these public servants is a sorely needed reminder: There is another part of government, which is entirely unelected, that continues to function and uphold our democracy.

The notion that unelected officials are instrumental to democracy is paradoxical. Democracy is predicated on elections having consequences, so officials coming to power without the “consent of the governed” and yielding massive influence is fundamentally anti-democratic.

But it goes deeper than conceptual fallacies. The neutrality CNN imbues bureaucrats with – “they don’t create policy; they implement it” – couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Bureaucrats are actively refusing to implement the President’s foreign policy. Imagine if this happened under a Commander-in-Chief whose surname wasn’t Trump. Would CNN back unelected bureaucrats if they had sought to thwart Obama’s Iran deal from within government? 

Throughout public testimony, it has become clear that issues with Trump’s Ukraine conduct were based on “opinions” and “presumptions”, often second, third or even fourth hand. 

CNN continues its fawning praise, nevertheless:  

“Unelected, they are nonpartisan professionals. Their service is to the community, not to any party or lobbyist or special interest, and they are the most direct links that exist between the government and the governed.”


The Democrat’s star witness, Dr. Fiona Hill, described the election of President Trump in a 2016 Brookings Institution article as the “contemporary American version of a Bolshevik revolution.”

How could Hill, who believes the election of President Trump came about solely by the campaign “play[ing] with emotions” and “manipulat[ing] people,” be entrusted to implement that agenda? 

How could her testimony be devoid of political motivation when she repeatedly equates the president she’s conspiring to impeach with Vladimir Putin?

The “community” these bureaucrats serve is not the American people; they’re henchmen for the established political class.

They’re not the “heart of democracy”, they’re a clot that’s blocking the America First agenda from being implemented.

by Natalie Winters