Following weeks of CNN trying to put their finger on the scales and shift opinion the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, the Jeff Zucker-run news network is being forced to admit nothing is moving the needle.

Despite public hearings, fresh allegations from Democrats, and breathless criticism from the establishment media, CNN now reports:

Persuadable voters on impeachment aren’t paying close attention to the impeachment proceedings, and impeachment is a low priority for voters overall.


Our poll released last week asked voters to tell us how important eight different issues would be in determining their 2020 vote. Only 46% said the impeachment inquiry into Trump was extremely or very important to their vote. That was good enough for dead last. To put it in further perspective, the top two issues for voters were economy at 83% and health care at 80%.
This current polling reminds me a lot of the polling surrounding former special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation. Despite it getting a lot of news coverage, voters said it was among the least important issues for them and their 2020 vote.
When you break it down to independents, the numbers are even more stark. A mere 42% of independents say the impeachment inquiry is extremely or very important to their 2020 vote, which is the lowest of any issue. In fact, climate change (48%) is the only other issue in which less than 60% said it is extremely or very important to their 2020 vote. Meanwhile, 84% of independents say the economy is.
The low ranking of the impeachment inquiry fits with what is being seen on the campaign trail, too. Very few voters are asking the candidates about it.
Unless something dramatically changes in the impeachment proceedings, don’t expect voters to start caring more about impeachment. But even if something does happen, these poll numbers suggest that it may not have that large of an impact.