On Episode 130 of War Room: Impeachment, Raheem Kassam explains his Twitter thread exposing how the PR firm tapped to represent Burisma, the oil and gas company Hunter Biden was on the board of, had deep links to former high-level Clinton, Obama, and even Biden staffers.

To Kassam, it’s “a clear abuse of power to influence US policy.”

The firm in question is Blue Star Strategies, a PR firm that works on behalf of “political leaders in Ukraine.”

It’s headed by Karen Tramontano who worked in the Clinton White House, as a senior official in the Obama State Department, and for John Podesta, Obama White House counsellor and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman.

Here, she’s pictured with Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s Ambassador to the United States Valerly Chaly and Anders Aslund, a representative from the globalist think tank Atlantic Council. She’s the shorter one: 

An email from February 2016 shows her clearly leveraging Hunter Biden’s name, implying he’d be a link to Joe Biden. 

The email makes it clear she’s requesting a meeting, ostensibly on behalf of Burisma. She’s attempting to lobby the US government on behalf of a foreign company which had the vice president’s son on its board.

Tranmontano’s right-hand woman and co-founder of Blue Star Strategies is shown below in meeting with 2 of the Democrat’s star witnesses. You can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s Ambassador Bill Taylor:

And here’s George Kent:

These same men testified they never thought there was anything suspicious regarding the Bidens and Ukraine just one year after they were meeting with Burisma’s PR people, the same people leveraging Hunter Biden’s name to get meetings to influence US policy in 2016.

It’s clear. Not only are Democrats’ witnesses compromised; they’re in on it.

It continues. Who is the Managing Director at Tranmontano’s Blue Star Strategies?

Daniel Erikson, former special advisor to Vice President Joe Biden.

The Ukrainian president during Biden’s tenure as vice president, Petro Poroshenko, responsible for executing the dismissal of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin Joe Biden famously bragged about is now believed to be as guilty as his predecessors by way of corruption. 

It’s clear what the “official policy” was and why: to shake down the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was justifiably investigating Burisma and Hunter Biden at the request of this swampy PR firm.