On Episode 16 of War Room: Impeachment, former Trump 2016 campaign manager David Bossie called for President Trump to “release Barack Obama’s phone calls with the mullahs, or whoever he spoke to, in Iran before the 300 million dollars in cash went on the plane to Iran.”

He continues: “Let’s look at those calls. Let’s see what quid pro quos are discussed there.”

Bossie echoes the show’s sentiment that the president dictates foreign policy, not uneleced bureaucrats: 

“These witnesses who are coming forward and giving their opinions on things, I don’t care. Literally the president of the United States, no matter who it is, gets to set foreign policy. Not anyone sitting listening to a phone call.”

If Democrats want to continue overplaying President Trump’s alleged quid-pro-quo, Bossie thinks Republicans should bring up past presidents’ dealings with foreign governments:

“This can start and stop anywhere we decide. The president has control of those things. If Adam Schiff and company want to go down this road, let’s use the defense of what other presidents have done.”

Bannon remarks: “When Dave Bossie goes to war, he goes to war.”