On Episode 78 of War Room: Impeachment Stephen K. Bannon and Raheem Kassam discussed what media outlets on each side of the aisle are saying, Kassam giving high praise to the Bongino Report.

Bannon explained the impeachment narrative put forth by the mainstream, left-leaning media: “The mainstream media basically says this is a historic day; this is the mark of cain on [Trump]; this is the i-word is going to be tattooed on him; he’ll never live this down; this is essentially the end of his presidency.”

Kassam then discussed impeachment coverage by right wing media outlets. “A lot of people [are] focusing in on the polls. Breitbart’s headline is ‘Trump’s Approval Up 6 Points Since the Inquiry Began;’ the Daily Caller is not giving any coverage to impeachment up front.”

He noted his personal favorite: “The only right wing media I check everyday, and religiously now, is the Bongino Report, because it aggregates everything. I’m sorry to say this: it’s so much better than the Drudge Report, just saying. That’s just my opinion.”

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“Dan [Bongino]’s doing a great job,” Bannon praised the former Secret Service agent. 

Kassam explained: “A lot of people saw that Drudge was not necessarily the greatest friend to the President, over the last six to eight months especially. It has been pushing a lot of these pro-impeachment headlines, it’s been pushing a lot of the more liberal cultural stuff. So Dan Bongino, Fox News contributor and one of the top podcasts in the country, he decided ‘you know what, I’m going to set up my own one.’ 

“The traffic appears to be fantastic, and the through traffic to us has been fantastic,” Kassam continued, noting that the Bongino Report has aggregated multiple stories from War Room: Impeachment

“It’s crisp, it’s clean, and it actually focuses on the things we on the right care about.”