Former New York City Michael Bloomberg, a 2020 Democratic candidate, said the current Democratic candidates don’t stand a chance against President Donald Trump.

Despite House Democrats’ impeachment inquiries against the president, “I think Trump is getting stronger and I think he would just eat alive the candidates,” Bloomberg, 77, told CNN. He didn’t include himself.

Those candidates “don’t have plans that I think are practical, that can be implemented. They don’t have management experience and the president’s job is a management job,” Bloomberg remarked.

“This is not a job where you take training wheels, this is the future of the world—the free world,” he added. “And you need people with experience.”

Bloomberg said that while he would likely vote for articles of impeachment against Trump, he ultimately believes that voters should decide who they want as president, possibly hinting that Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) caucus has turned impeachment into a partisan matter.