In its weekend newsletter email blast, New York Magazine‘s subject line read “An American Oligarch.” The American it was referring to was mega-billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. This branding of Bloomberg as an oligarch was first established by Stephen K. Bannon on War Room: 2020 and most recently during his appearance on Firing Line with Margaret Hoover.

The New York Magazine newsletter included an article written by Eric Levitz titled “The Price of a Bloomberg Nomination Is Too Damn High.”


 Levitz writes:

In the wake of Donald Trump’s 2016 victory, Democrats made a concerted effort to fortify their party’s pro-democracy and anti-corruption bona fides. Their opening salvo in the 2018 midterm campaign was the “Better Deal Agenda,” a suite of policies aimed at combating concentrated corporate power and the “armies of lobbyists” that had given big money a “stranglehold on Washington.” The first bill Nancy Pelosi’s majority passed upon taking the House was a package of voting-rights expansions and campaign-finance reforms designed to ensure that our “government works for the public interest, the people’s interest, not the special interest.” And throughout the Trump era, Democrats have hammered the president for helping the superrich translate their economic power into the political variety.

But the party may let a megabillionaire openly purchase its 2020 nomination anyway…accepting a plutocrat’s patronage and letting your party serve as a vehicle for him to amass direct, personal power over our government are two very different propositions.