In liberal billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to buy the White House, recent data show that he’s averaging tens of millions of dollars spent plastering the airwaves and the internet with ads.

Advertising Analytics’ latest report revealed that the liberal billionaire 2020 candidate has been spending an average of $37.4 million on TV, radio and digital media per week since he announced his candidacy in November 2019. There was one qualifier: “[H]e [Bloomberg] was only off air the week of Christmas.” [Emphasis added.] The report noted that Bloomberg “has nearly doubled the cumulative total” spending of the Democratic field, “even including fellow billionaire Tom Steyer.”

To date, Bloomberg has spent a jaw-dropping $539 million on ads, “$201M more than President Obama’s 2012 campaign for president[,] which spent $338M.”


Further analysis from Advertising Analytics showed that between Feb. 16-Feb. 22, Bloomberg spent $16,123,000 on Facebook and Google digital advertising. In fact, Bloomberg ran 48,000 creatives on Facebook, all messaged on “beating Trump,” according to Advertising Analytics’ Feb. 22 – Feb. 28, “The Week in Review” email.

Bloomberg News used reporting of its owner’s cash to claim Feb. 24 that “[t]he former New York mayor’s primary campaign is the most expensive in presidential history.” [Emphasis added.] The outlet also gave a breakdown of the spending, determining that its owner has spent an average of about $5.5 million a day since announcing his candidacy for president.


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