Kevin Sheekey, Michael Bloomberg’s newly launched presidential campaign manager, is not a fan of Democrat’s impeachment antics.

In an interview with CNN International, he declared “impeachment proceedings are making the president’s reelection more likely, not less likely.”

He believes Democrats are setting themselves up for “impeachment” inevitably followed by “acquittal” which culminates in the “reelection” of President Trump; they’re self-sabotaging their chance for a 2020 victory. 

Sheekey comes to this conclusion by focusing on the unpopularity of impeachment among constituents of the 31 freshman Democrats in districts won by President Trump. 

He believes impeachment “isn’t helping in the places where the election is going to be decided. There are about 31 congressional districts in this country that are swing districts. […] These impeachment hearings are threatening their reelection. Those are the districts where we tilt the presidential election.”

Supporting impeachment is political suicide in these districts, evidenced by the massive blowback representatives are facing over Thanksgiving break. 

Host Christiane Amanpour admits “many Democrats will not like to hear that.”

Well Democrats, the truth hurts.